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Nuova Superficie


Horizontal actions in progress, a slowly change and a melt all over the course of the performance, this is the ground idea in the duo.

Sound originates from several speakers placed in the space in an eterogenous way, and – in general – from different diffusion points, amplified or not, analog or acoustic, in a non-referential movement.

The one and only need is to produce a simple sound-mass, seemingly static but unceasingly evolving through the labour of the musicians. They use their own instruments (as form and gesture) mainly on the surface, moving objects and working upon the skin of an amplified snare or directly in contact with the tape of the reel-to-reel recorder, trying to activate what is already present there, but it's still quiescent.
As the sound they make, the live proposition is more a performance than a gig, the work on the space is crucial as the setup of the speakers, often a really long set is played (4 hours), the act is like a sound sculpture or a site-specific action, where people can come back and forth moving in the space, staying as long as they wish. Their approach is like a bridge to other art contexts, this is the reason why they have artistic residencies or collaborations with theaters or not-music related festivals.