Good Luck Mr. Gorsky


Good Luck Mr. Gorsky is a trio formed in 2004 by Savvas Metaxas, Spyros Emmanouilidis and Thanasis Papadopoulos in Thessaloniki, Greece. They are experimenting with a variety of instruments and musical genres to build their own sound. Their music focuses on electronic compositions, using field recordings, analog syntesizers, prepared piano, trumpet and other electronic sound sources.

Good Luck Mr. Gorsky have established their presence in the local underground musical scene of Greece through their unique live performances and their musical contribution to a number of theatrical plays and short films. Most notably, they appeared in the 2008 Synch festival and in the same year they composed and presented live a soundtrack for the 1920’s silent film ‘’Phantom Carriage’’ by Victor Sjostrom, along with Eventless Plot at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.