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Hana is Thanos' Papadopoulos techno project. Working together with T. Bantis, Hana's self-titled debut LP was released in March 2011 by Granny Records and track Tate was part of the Wire's Tapper CD on the April 2011 issue. During the year 2011-2012 he performed in several venues and festivals as Bios, Six Dogs, Reworks and Endorphin Festival (along with Giganta, ΔΔ, Keep Shelly in Athens, oOOoo, Larry Gus), he was hosting the weekly Granny Records Radio show at, was organizing the Granny Records party for the city of Thessaloniki and participated in several electronic releases. Since September 2012, Thanos moved in Rotterdam, the Netherlands to attend the 1-year Sonology course at the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague. He, also, started a new series of monthly broadcasts in along with his music mate Damcase (Dimitris Damaskos) and in April 2013 he released Figueroa Islands(Hana Remix) in the Larry Gus - Silent Congas (Remixes) on DFA Records.