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costis drygianakis

Wings of Winds CD | granny17

Release date: December 2016

Edition number: 200

Price: €10


Edition of  200 copies

Design and artwork by Opora


Mado Anastasiou : violin, Spyros Charmanis : guitar, Christos Chondropoulos : percussion, Eva Gallou : voice, Athanassios Gavardinas : voice, Zissis Georgalios : kanonaki, Christos Germenoglou : drums, Olya Gluschenko : voice, keyboards, recordings, Christos Kaltis : bass, voice, Orfeas Kappa : clarinet, Vladimir Katasonov : voice, Maria Katasonova : voice, Jason Lescalleet : electronics, Thanassis Mavrikos : zourna, Marina Mogli : voice, Dimitris Papadatos : electronics, Yannis Saxonis : synthesizer, Sery Seidou : recordings, Yiannis Seitos : guitar, Lambros Zafeiropoulos : electronics, recordings

The band Atavism: George Georgalas: drums, Stratos Pandazidis: bass, Manos Michaelides: guitar

The Group Monday’s Drop(s): Eirini Avgoustaki, Maria Leftherioti, Marina Koumoulentzou

and Costis Drygianakis

Plus some voices from the album: Starinnye Kabardinskie Narodnye Pesni (Old Style Folk Songs From Kabardina), Melodiya D-27507


The Group Monday’s Drop(s) was created in the University of Thessaly (Department of early Childhood Education) in the frame of P. Kanellopoulos’ project “The Scandal of Musical Democracy”

Costis Drygianakis


Born in Volos, Greece, in 1965. Studied Physics and Social Anthropology, involved with music, loves dogs, collects ceramics, cooks spaghetti. Active as a composer and record producer since 1987. According to an old press release, “the music of Costis Drygianakis, usually assembled with the help of recording media (tapes, computers etc) belongs to the genre of electroacoustic music, though generally avoiding the dogmatic approaches. Frequently using unorthodox relationships of composition, performance and re-composition, it utilizes and tames randomness and improvisation, balances in-between ambience and surprise, includes references but not identifications and, finally, explores without abandoning its sentimental space".

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Here's another release by Costis Drygianakis (see also Vital Weekly 838, 910 and 978) and apparently he's now entering a new period, and yet again he has it performed by a whole bunch of people, playing violin, guitar, percussion, voice, bass, kanonaki, clarinet and electronics. The

only name I recognized was that of Jason Lescalleet, who provides electronics. I am not sure how Drygianakis works; perhaps he writes down his a score and has it performed or maybe just parts and has people improvise along guidelines. Previously his work seemed all about death, now it's 'Wings Of Winds', maybe a lighter theme? Music wise I don't think this new work sounds so much different than before. It is a work that spans a wide field of musical interests. Extended passages are very soft with just a bunch of small electronics, one instrument that goes along,

but there are a few passages that are loud and orchestral; these may have much more modern classical feel about it; or perhaps an improvised feeling. Those parts, for instance the opening minutes of this piece and again around the forty-minute break, are the ones I didn't particularly

like very much. When Drygianakis is about going more tape-manipulation, electro-acoustic, say from six to twenty-six minutes, where he builds tension pretty well, and works with a variety of sounds and dynamics, I am actually all ears and enjoy it quite a lot. This I thought was quite good

to very good. Throughout it means that I enjoyed most of this fifty-minute piece with the exception of some of bits and pieces here and there. However as a whole I think this is quite a fine combination of modern classical playing and electronics, and for once not playing together at the same time, but oddly enough next to each other, or so it seems. (FdW)

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