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Urchin (Remixes) | granny11 cover

Urchin (Remixes) | granny11

Release date: June 2013

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Price: €3


Available only for download through Granny Records' bandcamp page here , and by mailing a download link for paypal purcahses through our site.

Special download cards with the artwork can be found at Lotus Record Store, and at various Granny Records events.


Savvas Metaxas (Inverz, Good Luck Mr. Gorsky) works with three familiar musicians who create three different interpretations of his original track 'Urchin' . Hana, Damcase and Thanos Bantis offer their remixes for the original track through this unique digital release.


Savvas Metaxas

Born and raised in Thessaloniki, Metaxas is a self-taught musician who started playing the electric guitar in various groups before forming 'Good Luck Mr. Gorsky'. Better acknowledged for his work as 'inverz', he gradually shifted to the use of synths and fields recordings as sound tools, rather than instruments. To date Savvas Metaxas has released four albums as 'inverz' and a most recently a self-titled cd-r on orila records.



Hana is Thanos' Papadopoulos techno project. Working together with T. Bantis, Hana's self-titled debut LP was released in March 2011 by Granny Records and track Tate was part of the Wire's Tapper CD on the April 2011 issue. During the year 2011-2012 he performed in several venues and festivals as Bios, Six Dogs, Reworks and Endorphin Festival (along with Giganta, ΔΔ, Keep Shelly in Athens, oOOoo, Larry Gus), he was hosting the weekly Granny Records Radio show at, was organizing the Granny Records party for the city of Thessaloniki and participated in several electronic releases. Since September 2012, Thanos moved in Rotterdam, the Netherlands to attend the 1-year Sonology course at the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague. He, also, started a new series of monthly broadcasts in along with his music mate Damcase (Dimitris Damaskos) and in April 2013 he released Figueroa Islands(Hana Remix) in the Larry Gus - Silent Congas (Remixes) on DFA Records.



Dimitris Damaskos (Damcase/Ton) is an experimental and techno producer from Thessaloniki Greece. He has in his diary numerous releases in labels like, Backwater. Tentogo and Granny Records. At his live performances he uses hardware and analogue synthesizers. He combines them with field recordings, no input, midi and voltage control techniques.  One track of his latest releases from the album 'Ton' 'No Need to Go so far', along with Haris Koutsokostas,,  is included in the Wire Tapper 27(Wire Magazine Issue333). A part of the same project is also included  at the  'Sounds of Europe', a worldwide platform about field recording activity. Recently he moved in Rotterdam to study at the Department of Sonology in the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. He has also started present several times his work around  Netherland's West Coast, Amsterdam and Berlin, in places like Redlight Radio, Sotu Festival Sounds of the Underground,OT301, Trip House, Freudenreich and more.


Thanos Bantis

Thanos Bantis is a techno producer and musician living in London, UK. He uses a variety of hardware gear to create pumping and intense tracks following an evolving and improvisational approach. 
Ex member of Hana, he released the self titled LP along with Thanos Papadopoulos, on Granny Records. He has also collaborated with Good Luck Mr Gorsky and Inverz for a series of live performances.

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