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nicola ratti

Born in Milano in 1978. Polyhedric musician and sound designer active since years in the experimental fields. He has performed live in Europe, North America and Russia and his albums had been released by Anticipate, Preservation, Die Schachtel, Entr’acte, Where To Now?, Senufo Editions, Boomkat Editions, Holidays Records, Megaplomb, Musica Moderna, Boring Machines, Coriolis Sounds, Zymogen. He is currently working with: Giuseppe Ielasi with whom he formed the project entitled Bellows, Tilde, a trio with Enrico Malatesta and Attila Faravelli. He played guitar from 2007 to 2013 in the desertic soundtrack-band Ronin. He collaborates also with visual artists such as Nicola Martini, Alessandro Roma, Riccardo Arena, Ferruccio Ascari and Blisterzine/NastyNasty. He’s been the curator of The Variable Series from September 2013 to December 2014, a series of events concerning sound and performance hosted by O’ in Milano. He’s one of the promoters/artists of Aunasince its firts edition (sept. 2012), an electroacoustic music festival conceived as a research/exchange moment between italian-based artists. Since May 2015 he is the curator of a series of sound-related events at Standards, an experimental sound research gallery located in Milano.